We Built A Shade




Tonight we built a shade
A shade for a mother
And her seven puppies.
They were shivering
Huddling together for warmth-
It was a cold, cold night.
Seven cute little puppies
And their brave, brave mother.
The shade was warm
So they slept in peace.
Some neighbors called us fools
Because stray puppers don’t survive winter
But we built a shade- my brother and I
We were also called angels
Who’ll get their rewards
Because God is watching after all
Caring for neither of those
We just built a shade-
For a mother and her puppies
For it was a cold, cold night.





No time for poetry

It had been so long-so long since I put my thoughts on paper, that I thought I lost my ability to do so.
It had been so long since I put my thoughts on paper, that I thought I lost that touch.
It had been so long since I saved my thoughts from flying into oblivion, since I caged them in my notebook- so that they remained with me forever.
Everytime something beautiful caught my eye, I would wanna assign words to it.
What’s ‘it’, you may ask-
It is the sound of those friends laughing over a joke.
It’s the smile kissing her lips when she bade him goodbye and got in the metro.
It’s that sense of accomplishment when you find just the perfect delicacy in the busy streets of Chandni Chowk.
It’s the expression of awe on my face when I would admire my campus and fall in love with it all over again.
It’s the homesickness I feel when people here ask me, “how many are you referring to” when I say “hum jaa rahe hain”
So everytime something beautiful caught my eye, I would wanna ‘ save it’ to ‘ watch later’ as it were.
But when I tried to ink those thoughts that ran in my mind at that moment- a wanderlust besought them.
Everytime I would try to pen them down I felt my memory won’t do them justice.
My words wouldn’t capture that joy, that sorrow, that awe and that nostalgia.
In the end I was just a shameless spectator.
But that’s not what I want to be.
I don’t wanna stand and stare.
I want to laugh and cry and be busy having a metaphorical blast in college.
I want to smile and tell people that ‘I’ is ‘hum’ and not ‘main’ coz that’s my andāz.
I want to explore all that this place has in store for me.
So much so that I may not have the time to write about it all.
Then, the memories of my experiences and their photographs will fill my camera.
Yes it would have been so long since I put my thoughts on paper.
My notebook might feel neglected-but that’s okay.
Because I’ll be busy being someone else’s poem that I wouldn’t have time to be a poet.